Harold, the Scarecrow

Inspired by everyone's childhood collection of nightmares, he's here to haunt Halloween night! From the book, "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 3" the chapter, "Harold" tells of a haunted hay doll that comes to life, and skins it's maker. 

I wanted to do a scarecrow inspired by this nostalgic tale (as I've been DESPERATELY praying for a tv series on that book series!) where the scarecrow had a face. Be it stolen, or simply patched together with his now countless victims, I'll leave it up to you! 

I hope you enjoy! And, if anything... are a little unnerved. I'll be wearing him while I help pass out candy this year, and we will be doing a live stream of this taking place on Halloween night! 
Wish me luck! (Or... maybe wish the kids good luck, instead. MWAHAH!) 

(small edit, before Halloween, I was able to buy more baggy pants, and make some finger extensions for a larger presence!) 

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