How to make silicone look wet

Hello geniuses of the Stan Winston forum, I'm sure this question is answered simply somewhere on here, but I can't seem to find it anywhere and Google is very unhelpful with an answer, so I thought I'd ask you all for help. I am trying to find out how to make silicone look wet, for instance where a creature is drooling or the lips of a character need to look wet, etc... and I know that it's probably old hat to some of you, but I've never had the chance to really get into realistic creations before now and I find myself completely unaware of a technique or product that can be used to achieve this! It would need to remain completely flexible, but have that wet look if possible.
Thanks for any help you can offer me,
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    In Jamie Grove's video on painting realistic silicone skins he uses Silpak D-3430 SP which is basically an RTV silicone thinned down with several chemicals suspected or known to be carcinogens.

     I use Dow Corning's 734 Flowable silicone sealant which is an acetoxy cure adhesive, thinned with Smooth On NOVOCS for painting lips, inner mouths and eyelids. It is the glossiest silicone adhesive that I have come across.

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    Thank you Micah, I will take a look into your suggestion!
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