Eric G. Salisbury Make-up FX

Hello everyone,

      My name is Eric G. Salisbury and I would like to share some makeups I have done.    Tell me what you think but be gentle....


  • Those are some great looking makeups!  Did you sculpt the appliances as well?

    Fantastic work!

  • Thanks for commenting Chris.  Yes I did the sculpts,moulds,cast and paint for these ..   I did the insect like alien like ten years ago(my first prosthetic makeup) while at the savini school, it is a one piece foam latex and bald cap with armor. The three beaked one is a one piece polyurethane filled latex skin prosthetic cast that i then attached to a home made  bald cap that which i then did a latex tissue makeup sponge buildup on top of and glued to myself for my face off audition all of which i did in about 16 hours. And the zombie jester is a just a one piece latex slush cast  with a 45 minute paint job that I had to do for my buddy's wedding on about 24 hrs notice.  eric
  • Excellent sculpting! Solid coloring too. Do you recommend the Savini School? What sets it apart from schools like the cinema makeup school?
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