Planning on doing a lifecast

Hello there Stan Winston School! I'm currently making my own Batman suit for a fan-film I'm working on. I'd be more than happy to post images when it's complete. The suit itself is made from EVA Foam, and the Cowl is made from Fiberglass. To sculpt a clay positive for the cowl, I'll need to make a full-head lifecast of myself.

In my future projects I might need to use the mold again, so I'd like to use this stuff from Smooth-on called body-double. It's used for multi-use lifecast molds. The same site says to use body-double release cream, which you can buy from them. What I'd like to know is if I can just use vaseline as a mold-release, or if that would inhibit the curing. Also, I want to know if I can use a Latex baldcap. Anybody know their Smooth-on products?
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