Blue Alien Dragon - Halloween Costume Contest 2017

I've decided to participate with another work because I'm a beginner but above all because I love this job. 

This was my Alien Blue Dragon made for the sfx academy exam. The model was my brother. 
There are three prosthetics for the head divided as follows: one on the head, with small horns, one for the face with glass handpainted eyes and one for the neck. Everything was sculpted and created by me on my brother's lifecast. Are all made of latex and in the face one I've glued three glass eyes per part, that I've painted one by one a few days before. 

The hands are latex prosthetics too, so I made the hands lifecasting and then I created the sculpture and the prosthetic. 

Everything was glued with prosaide, and painted with acquacolor. 

He worn a black t-shirt with a black cloack. I made it in two months

Photo made by Andryi Monastyrskyy (academy professional photographer) 


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