Lady Magma The Fire Elemental - Halloween Costume Contest 2017


My name is Vania and I'm from Italy. I've always been a selftaught since when I've attended the sfx make up course with David Bracci. I've attended the first level this year, for four months, and took my make up artist certificate. I'm still a beginner and I've lots of things and techniques to learn, but I love the competitions because I can learn more from other contestants .

Here is my Magma Elemental, created for Effectus 2017 in Rome. Effectus is a sfx trade and exhibition. It takes part every October in Rome and every year they create a sfx contest. It was a student contest, created for those who have just finished an academy and the theme were the four elements. I chose the fire and I created Lady Magma. 
This is a picture done by me, so it's not a professional one.
I created all by myself, on Erica lifecasting. It is composed by latex prosthetic on the head, with horns and foam fire. The scythe is made of eva foam and painted with spray colors. On the arms there are some latex prosthetics. Head, skin and prosthetics are all colored with acqua color and glued on the skin with prosaide. 
She worn a black dress that I sewed with some red organza and a black corset. I've burnt and dirtied the organza in different points just to give a sort of burnt sensation. 
Both inside the scythe and the fire foam there were some red, orange and yellow leds. 

I made it in one month, it was my first time with props and a costume like this. 


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