Airbrush ( spray sizes and needles - and more questions .. )

hi guys the title says it all ..... i want to buy airbrush for my sculpts ( clay chavant ) and was wondering which airbrush ( needle sizes ) i needed . I dont know if the width of the lines i will get . What are the width of the lines i will produce with a .25mm ? In inches if possible . I do model figurines and want to know whats best for it . Here is the latest i'm working on ..... lots more to do on it but getting there . Thanks for the help and keep posting . 


  • Iwata is my go-to brand for quality airbrushing. They will cost you though, so be advised. 
    The Custom Micron CM-B is $470 at Dick Blick, and uses a .18mm needle. The larger of the Microns uses a .23mm, but if you are wanting incredibly tiny detail work, then I always err on the side of tiny. That's my personal preference. 

    That said, If you've never airbrushed before, that might be a bit ridiculous in both size and cost, so there are other options. Iwata's Neo-Series are a great range of brushes, but just remember that needle size doesn't work like a pen, your lines can get larger if you pull back, etc. There's a lot of great tutorials around to be found. 

    I prefer a gravity-feed when I am working even with larger things, because I feel like I end up wasting too much paint with a bottom-feed. I've never used a side-feed, but if it is good enough for Dru Blair (look him up) it's probably got something to it. 

    Hope this helps. 

    Post pics when you are done!

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    Thank you very much Jesica . This is perfect .... the answers i wanted to hear . I finally went for the Badger air-brush Co R1 V Renegade Velocity with a 3L compressor (tank) . The Iwata was a bit expensive for me .... just learning at the moment . But will learn as i go and will show some pics from time to time to learn more from you guys . Thanks again Jesica
    P.S. Dru Blair .... yeah .. i saw a few drawings .... jaw broke a few times  . The guys is the best in airbrushing .... but also Jordu Schell i should say for maquettes and models .
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