I want to cover a big scar in my cheek with prosthetic makeup and I have a few questions

Hi guys. I have a big scar in my cheek and found out the world of prosthetics which amazed me. I saw some prosthetic work that looks like real skin in "A quiet kind of love" and "Looper", I was just wondering about the edges. Some edges from these movies looked flawless and others were a bit noticeable. How hard is to create perfect invisible edges? Do edges remain the same throughout the day? If not, how hard is the maintenance? Thanks for your attention, this makeup could be a life saver.


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    Hey Oso :-)

    I think its a matter of the materials which are used for the appliance, how good the appliance and its edges are sculpted, which glue was used, how much time the makeup artist had to apply and such things.

    Here at SWSCA are some great lessons which show the steps of making appliances and where you have to pay attention. 

    Are you planning to make your own appliances?


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  • Hey ;), thanks for your answer. I know more theory of prosthetic makeup than practice, I know that silicone prosthetics can only be used once I plan to do my own appliances with silicone prosthetic and the strongest glue (Solvent based silicone adhesives). 
    In the case that everything is done properly (molding, sculpting), good  materials are used(silicone is the best in this case I think), the strongest glue and a proper application including the exact color matching. Do you think the edges will be unnoticeable and maintain throughout a cool day with little to no sweat (the appliances would be around 3x5cm)? 
    If anyone else is reading I would like to hear your opinions as well.
  • Hi Oso,

    Depending on the application, skin chemistry, activity, etc. it's possible that edges may need cleaning up later in the day. 

    Cheeks move around a lot during the day as we talk, eat, and make expressions, so the prosthetic would have to survive that.

    Depending on the nature of the scar it may also be possible to do a build up using a material like "3rd degree" to cover it, and then add a bit of mild texture using a stipple sponge.

    One challenge will be matching and blending the colors, which will take practice.  I suggest using alcohol based makeup like Skin Illustrator or similar product for this.

    In terms of the adhesive, I would avoid solvent based adhesives, as those have potential health risks.  There are a number of silicone adhesives like "Telesis 5" or "Snappy G" that are more skin friendly. 

    As you mentioned, these type of appliances are typically single use, as their edges get damaged during wear and removal.   So if this is something you are wanting for daily use you would ant to consider that, along with application and painting time.


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    Thanks, so it's possible to wear it without people noticing right? That's the most important thing to me. And when you say that it might need cleaning up later that means that it would need 1 clean up at the most throughout the whole day right?
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