How to run AnimServo on MacOS!? upd: have some solution

Well, i have install Maya 2013 on my old pc (its the highest version of Maya which i can use on this computer) 
I installed AnimServo script successfully (i saw those many legendary windows) but i have some issues with opening Female_Soldier file, i see this:
 But, when i opened this file on my mac, everything ok with it.
 Thats why i started from the very beginning and try to install AnimServo soft on my main computer.

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    Here is the path where i put AnimServo files and after that i launch it in Maya 2018.
    Will test everything little later...

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    Hi Anton,

    I see you posted some homework with moving serovs.  Are you still having issues?  If so I can pass things along to the instructor.


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    I can't tell from your screen shot, but it looks like the file called "Eye_Controls_Connect.py" is not in the correct folder. Maya is looking for the file and cannot find it in it's Python folder. 
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    Thanks, @Craig Caton-Largent , for your reply.
    Now on my mac everything work correct.
    When i will have some more free time i will back to studying your third lesson.

    Thanks again )
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    any update on this?
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