How to run AnimServo on MacOS!? upd: have some solution

Well, i have install Maya 2013 on my old pc (its the highest version of Maya which i can use on this computer) 
I installed AnimServo script successfully (i saw those many legendary windows) but i have some issues with opening Female_Soldier file, i see this:
 But, when i opened this file on my mac, everything ok with it.
 Thats why i started from the very beginning and try to install AnimServo soft on my main computer.

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  • Here is the path where i put AnimServo files and after that i launch it in Maya 2018.
    Will test everything little later...

  • Hi Anton,

    I see you posted some homework with moving serovs.  Are you still having issues?  If so I can pass things along to the instructor.


  • I can't tell from your screen shot, but it looks like the file called "" is not in the correct folder. Maya is looking for the file and cannot find it in it's Python folder. 
  • Thanks, @Craig Caton-Largent , for your reply.
    Now on my mac everything work correct.
    When i will have some more free time i will back to studying your third lesson.

    Thanks again )
  • any update on this?
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