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Hey everyone I am still exploring the site and some of the on demand videos are confusing for materials. Is their a way to find materials students use from these videos in order for new people like me to get to work?
anything like this would be helpful because I know I will have questions about materials and where to get them. If anyone knows what white clay is for molding that would help me out. I don't want to just get clay that is white. 


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    HI Sam,

    "White Clay" is a water based clay also known as "EM210"

    A good source for it is here:  https://www.monstermakers.com/water-based-clays/

    Each of our on-demand lessons has a materials section that lists the type of materials, but as you mentioned some names (like "white clay") can be a bit confusing.  Things can be further complicated by different manufacturers/distributers using different names for the same basic materials in different countries.  Thankfully we are always here to help our students, do don't hesitate to ask if you ever need clarification on a material or anything from one of our lessons.

    Hope that helps!

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