Maelstrom, The Steam Heroes (Original Character)

Original Character

Maelstrom one of three members of the Steam Heroes Team.  A captain of a deep sea salvage crew, Captain John Monham, was stuck on the bottom of the ocean inside of a slowly flooding submarine.  Thinking quickly he salvaged parts of the submarine to create a suit to withstand the pressures of the deep ocean.  Using a sea mine and the ballast controlled suit he managed to float back to the surface where he learned his suit had immense strength when not burdened by the pressures of the deep.  He was then recruited to join the Steam Heroes, swinging his mighty sea mine he brings a little extra power to the team.

The Steam Heroes have been shown at Phoenix Comicon and Tucson's Wild West Con now.  The suits are primarily constructed out of Worbla, and Sintra plastics as well as some EVA Foam.  All three are original ideas though I am only Maelstrom and as such that is the one being submitted (look at the big silver one!).  

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