Mysterio, Villain from Amazing Spider-Man

Mysterio, Villain from the Amazing Spider-Man

See my costume in action,

Heavily adapted from several comics (and several reiterations of the character.) over 300 hours of labor involved this costume has seen many upgrades over the course of 4 years. 

The basic design, everything quintessentially Mysterio that I loved, into one costume. The colors, the theater, the puppetry, the literal smoke and mirrors, all there.

The medallions are probably the least noticed and the most fun part of my costume, it was a lot of watching Jim Hensons behind the scenes to figure out just how to mount the servos.

The body suit was hand painted, into the diamond pattern after I priced out getting the fabric printed... It was worth the risk of screwing up the cheaper stuff. I also drafted an original body suit pattern to fit my very weird curves.

lastly the smoke and mirrors. 

The fog machines in my gauntlets are a mod off of vape tanks and air pumps, that being said NEVER USE E CIGARETTE JUICE IN YOUR COSTUMES! I have severe weird allergies so any strange perfumes, and food additives really mess with me, so I use plain old Vegetable Glycerin to made the densest fog I've ever come across. I had a set of light weight boxes made for the base and they have held up through at least 2 remodels.

As far as the mirror goes, I lovingly use Peters knick name for it "the fish bowl" it's a super lightweight polycarbonate lined with Krylon Mirror repair spray. Essentially a one way mirror thats fairly easy to see through when I've got enough light around me and I can interact with people and photographers relatively well. 

An inside look through my helmet. 

The next upgrades are going to be new boots and ironing out the details in a cooling rig design. Updates are always posted on my Angry Plain Jane Costuming Patreon page. 

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