Waterproof Makeup???

Makeup/body paint question!

I would like to do some body paints soon, but the issue is, it's for sirens, and I'd like to do some water surface and underwater shots of said sirens. 

How does one waterproof makeup? 

I know most alcohol paints like Endura are perfect for that, but what about on the face? I know that airbrushing alcohol paints on the face area can cause breathing or eye irritation, and I don't want to harm the models or myself.... 

I would like to avoid grease paints, because there will be cloth, and jewelry that will be rubbing against the moving/swimming model. 

Any brands/tips? 

Thanks so much! 

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    Hi Kierstin,

    For holding up under water, alcohol based makeups will be the most durable.  One option would be to use alcohol makeups for the body/face and then do the area around the eyes with cream, grease, or silicone based makeups.  Using a sealing spray may also help things hold up a bit more on the face.  Though touchups will likely br needed.

    Some quick research on the subject turned up this thread on "mernetwork" https://mernetwork.com/index/showthread.php?7567-♦-The-Official-Underwater-Makeup-Thread-♦

    Kryolan makes a brand called Aqua-Proof, which is alcohol based. 

    Make Up Forever makes a sealer called "Aqua Seal" that is reported to help makeups hold up well in exposure to water. 

    But physical activity under water will really push the "water proof" claims of most makeups/sealers (aside from the alcohol based ones) to the test.

    Hope that helps, and I'm curious to see your results!

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