Supplier list from Week Two

Foam Suppliers

Types of foam:

Reticulated foam (aka Scott foam, puppet foam, filter foam, dryfast)
        Generally prefer a 25ppi to 35ppi density
L200, L300. -  closed cell rubber mat foam. Can also use the interlocking foam floor mat squares.
Upholstery foam

Atlas Foam Products
12836 Arroyo St, Sylmar, CA
(818) 837-3626

Rogers Foam Corporation
20 Vernon Street
Somerville, MA 02145
(617) 623-3010


Contact Cement:

Barge - can be found at shoe repair/supply stores. Tandy Leather carries it as well
DuAll - shoe repair suppliers
Masters Cement- shoe repair supplier, Tandy Leather

Saderma Leather
1000 N Western Ave, Los Angeles
(323) 461-4861

Tandy Leather Factory
Store locations all over

Recommended book for mechanisms and puppet construction

Luman Coad

1. Marionette Sourcebook
2. Theatre of Hand Puppets


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    Tom StewartTom Stewart ✭✭✭
    edited June 2014
    For Canadian Folks...

    Reticulated Foam:
    Vitafoam Head Office
    150 Toro Road
    Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2A9
    Tel: 416 630 6633
    Fax: 416 630 9921

    You usually have to buy it per "Bolt" at about $50 per piece (usually 4ft by 2 foot a bolt)

    You can find Barge through Tandy Leather.ca- sometimes they don't have any and may take weeks to ship to you and the cost is about $80 for a quart, so you are better off going there and buying it.

    Another option is to go to your local Shoesmith and ask if you can buy Barge from them. In a pinch I was able to convince our local shoe repair guy to sell me some. I basically went there with a Mason Jar and swung a deal. LOL


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    Thank you Tom for the Canadian resource. For adhesives, shoe leather, shoe crepe, etc : Saderma Leather is in Hollywood, CA and will ship ground just about anywhere for a very reasonable price. Also, there product prices are nearly wholesale. I actually have it shipped to my shop and I'm only about 30 miles away. In LA travel though that translates to about about 3-4 hours out of my day to drive there and back if traffic isn't too bad!
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