The flash, reverse flash, and zoom!

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I would like to submit my work on some of the heroes and villains from the tv series "THE FLASH".

I started working on the first character (Flash) over a year ago and recently completed the second character (Zoom), both of which I recreated to be as accurate as possible made from reference images found online. With the zoom mask having a very limited amount of usable reference (due to the dark tone of the character and him always being filmed in the shadows) I had to work diligently to come up with some quality images... Everything from scouring the internet through stunt personnel instagrams, to downloading and creating my own screen shots. I did not rush myself on any part of the build and was able to come out with a product that I am very proud of.

Both masks were sculpted out of chavant clay soft, on a plaster life cast. Molded using smooth-on molding products. And cast out of urethane rubber. Ear pieces were modeled and 3d printed myself, then molded and cast out of urethane plastic.

I do plan on remolding to create a silicone mask soon. All of this work was made possible from the amazing on demand videos and tutorials provided by Stan Winston school. I hope to continue my education with information filled videos from this school for many, many years!

Finished Sculpt with final texture:

Smoothed Head pre-texture. I smoothed this thing a hundred times due to the soft clay, it seemed like every time a new detail was added it moved the shape of the clay and deformed the head. Despite the discouragement I just kept reworking it until I was absolutely content.

Mold max 30 silicone rubber: because the clay was so soft I opted for a brush on method as to not disturb the details as little as possible.

Clay mold wall, with silicone Keys in place:

Raw 3d printed ear piece:

Painted 3d print: sanded, primed, sanded, painted, sanded some more, molded.
Finished mask:

Final product on model with slight edit:

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