Fallen Angel Costume

I thought I'd enter this because the stuff I learned on Stan Winston saved my butt on this project! I had only two days on the SyFy show Cosplay Melee to create a full costume from scratch, including working pneumatic-powered wings (which I'd never done before). I used so many techniques I learned on the SW site over the years and I was SO HAPPY for the courses I'd watched on here, or I never would have been able to pull it off!

This is my fallen angel character, Numiliel, right before he becomes a demon and, obviously, a villain. I liked how he came out so much I'm thinking of giving him a villain cameo in the comic series I work on.

The wings are pvc frame and the short feathers are all painted book pages, while the long are packing foam. The wings have a wingspread of about 12 feet and are powered with a pneumatic actuator and canister. The armor is kids' craft foam layered with plastidip and painted (cept for the base which is wonderflex, you can see in the last pic). The wig was cut and acrylic-dyed at the tips. Etc. :) All was made in  48 hours from start to finish. It was a nightmare.

It's tough to see, but the back of the wings have a "bible" (NOT A REAL BIBLE, just a junk book) mounted between them, from which the paper feathers of the wings are exploding outward. There's an in-progress pic at the bottom of this, but no final pic. :(

I hope this is acceptable for an entry! :D I just wanted to post it because I wouldn't have been able to make this without all the stuff I learned on this site! Thanks for saving my bacon so I didn't look like a total idiot in front of a lotta people.  Whoop whoop!

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