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Hey, I'm Maria. This is my own character named Wyndria. (If I will not change it)

I'll tell you all the things about her with a video soon.

 drawing plan and her costume here. 

''Briefly she was a protector. Protecting humans and animals from natural disasters until humans damaging enviroment faster than she can protect. She get irritated and she didn't protect the wild anymore. 
She is still amoung us and of course without her traditional look. Somethings* gonna happen on earth. In the end she have to broke her silence and met with biochemistry student, Felix L. Wyatt. He will help her to understand the new world. She will found herself in a team that who saving the world...''

^^ History ^^

EVA foam

Scorpion and Fish symbols.  I used some eagle, hawk feather and a unknown plant

Sketch on my photograph  :smile: 

Spiral Symbols (I wrote some wishes in her language)

Marble and pine cone from Ephesus 

The end.  :smile: 

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