Homework Week One.

Please post photos of your Homework for week one.


  • Troy PicouTroy Picou ✭✭✭
    Week one homework.
  • Week one- here are the fabrics I will be using- a couple of furs and Antron Fleece. I also finished the arms/hands and cut the pattern out. I made the mouth plates different to suit the character I'm building.
  • I have already put the body together- I enlarged it 15% to fit my hand.
  • I'm ready for some more puppet building fun!
  • My pattern from draping the head. I left extra fabric near the mouth not knowing how it will be finished. Is that something for next week, or should we glue our fleece into the mouth?
  • Oops, here is the fleece pattern pic. It includes a smaller rear head piece.
  • Now that I have the head covered, I like the shape.
  • I'll go over gluing the fabric down around the mouth at the beginning of our next class. I posted the supplier list earlier today and will be adding to it. Thank you again for sharing your pics of your puppets in progress. The fleece pattern should be up later this evening, but it see that some of y have made your own by draping which is fantastic! So many of the projects we do are one of a kind and draping is usually the quickest and best technique for covering. Our upcoming class will focus on features and character styling.if you are shopping for clothes for your puppet baby size clothing in 12 month, 18, month or 24 month will work well with this puppet. Have a fantastic week and we'll see you soon! BJ
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