Here are the links to the books mentioned today, (Day three), during the "Animation for Animatronics" class.

Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right, 3rd Edition -by Jason Osipa


Where this book differs from traditional animation books, is it focuses on the use of "Visemes", rather than "Phonemes". To be clear, it concentrates on the mouth shapes, instead of the phonetic pronunciations, that go with the various sounds that make up the movement(s) needed, to animate with. Still confused? Read the book. You'll understand...

The Animator's Survival Kit: A Manual of Methods, Principles and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion and Internet Animators -by Richard Williams


Rig it Right! Maya Rigging Animation Concepts (Computers and People) 1st Edition -by Tina O'Hailey


A website featuring a variety of real-world mechanical linkages was also mentioned.


The question of "Photogrammetry" came up. I had suggested "Agisoft Photoscan".


They have a 30-day free trial, and their "Stand-Alone Version" sells for $175USD.

Craig suggested, and uses "3D Zephyr, (Lite) ", (Purchased from Steam).

Here is the link to the free version, (it is limited to being able to accepting 50 photos at a time).


3D Zephyr-Lite: ($149.99 USD)


Autodesk 123d Catch was free, but it has also been discontinued buy Autodesk, (like MANY ,many other well liked programs...).

And, "Faceware" has their own Youtube channel, filled with instructional videos regarding how to use their products and pointers on Facial Mocap.


If there are any links I missed, hopefully Matt, and his skilled crew will get them to us via email.

I hope this helps.



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