Latex Recipie and cooking

I have made a couple of latex skins in the past, and also some silicone skin. All to be used in animatronics.

Silicone is nice. But HEAVY..  Foam Latex is light but does not last as long... however when I went back to my old skins that I has stored badly, left in the sun. rolled up and shoved away - I was surprized that they had no damage so I am willing to give latex another try.

My biggest issue is shrinkage and how do reduce this.  I cannot change the inner and outer fibreglass moulds.

So I will need to work with the foam mixture. Do I..

1. Mix in a lot of air to make it very fluffy
2. Mix in less air to make a heavier foam

What will be the best way to cook the latex as in temp and time to reduce shrinkage

Would you recommend doing a latex skin before I do the main pour.

I do have all the tools i.e. Latex oven, Mixers etc.  I just need some advice on the best way to use them.  I also have Monster Makers 1 gallon foam kit.

Many many thanks
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