What's the go-to timeline servo automation software/controller for Mac users?

Hi! Is anyone aware of a Mac OSX compatible software/hardware combo that would closely approximate the simplicity of working with VSA via a Maestro as Craig is demonstrating in the Animatronic Head series? Any tips would be thoroughly appreciated!


  • Or, as an alternative, what system requirements in a PC laptop would need to be met to competently run a 24-servo program? Think there's a laptop under $500 or so that could handle it?
  • Also: opinions on standalone hardware controllers?
  • You could boot camp windows on Mac.
  • I'm going to give it a shot. After reading this thread on the Pololu forum I got the sense that it could be fairly daunting to get it running: https://forum.pololu.com/t/micro-maestro-usb-on-mac/1713/37

    But the Maestro support doc does say:
    We do not provide any software for Mac OS X, but the Maestro’s two virtual serial ports are compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later. The Maestro must be initially configured from a Windows or Linux computer, but after that it can be controlled from a Mac. If you have Mac OS X 10.11 or later, you will need to update your Maestro’s firmware to version 1.03 or later to use the Maestro’s virtual serial ports (see Section 4.f).
    So it sounds like someone out there is doing it.
    Anywhom, I have a Maestro on the way, so I'll toot around with it in Parallels, see if i can get VSA running and post results!
  • What do youy like more MAC os or Windows.
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    I'm really not a tech guy and I don't know anything about computers or automation equipment but I think https://www.automationstop.com/allen-bradley-repair/ could help you. If that does not work I recommend you seek help from a proper computer engineer that will most probably get your problem fixed in no time. I haven't had such computer problems but I hope you get yours fixed as soon as possible. I also think although I'm not sure, that you could boot camp windows on mac and see what happens or if it helps you with anything. I would personally choose windows though because it is easier to use on pc.
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