Setting "servo limits" in Maya

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I have a quick question for Craig about setting the minimum and maximum servo positions for a virual servo: is it possible to overwrite these values once they have been set?
I've managed to set them for let's say 90 degrees of travel, where 0 degrees = 2000 and 90 degrees = 8000.
But what do I do if I want the maximum position (8000) to be 180 degrees? Do I have to delete the existing virtual servo and create a new one?


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    Hi Cyril,

    Here is Craig's response to your question:
    No, you do not need to delete the virtual servo, it can be reset by doing the following:

    Let's say you created a single virtual servo setup and you want to reset the values and positions on servo_00.

    1. Open theOutliner ->  Windows->Outliner.

    2. Click on the "+" sign next to Servo_Connect to expand it.  Select the "Servo_00_out".

    3. Open the Animation Graph Editor and you will notice that there is a diagonal curve(it's actually straight) that i probably colored green. Select the curve and it should turn white and press the "delete" key on your keyboard to delete it.

    Now you can re-enter your values and servo position.




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    Thanks Chris and Craig!
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