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Does anyone have any good resources for building waldos? I'm new to animatronics and am very interested in learning more about waldos. Ever since that scene in "FX" where he controls the clown mech with the telemetric suit I've wanted to build one. Help a guy make a geek dream come true?


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  • Thanks Christopher! I've been watching the "Organic Mechanics" course taught by Rick Lazzarini and am very happy to learn that I can skype with him for one on one instruction! At this point though I'm really new to animatronics so I'm gunna learn more basics before I put myself in front of a genius. ;)

    Thanks again,

  • Thanks David! I haven't been on in a while so sorry for the late thank you.
  • Hi William.
    I've been pushing n with my experiments but have had some technical holdups.
    None of the holdups have been in the mouth interface, but more the powering and communication side.

    I am also currently experimenting with EMG which is picking up the signals for the facial muscles using electrodes.  If this works then it be easy to do an almost one to one mapping of a face to a character's face. Raise eyebrows and character does same, snarl, wink etc.
    Plus you can use other muscles to activate wings and special effects.

    For my needs I will be looking at embedding the electrodes in a prosthesis so it will be easy to apply groups of electrodes at once.

  • Very cool stuff!
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