Heroes and Villains- Alpha Deathclaw (94% finished)

I'm Caitlin Gonzalez  (Yeah its me again) and this is my unfinished Alpha Deathclaw from Fallout 4, ultimate terror of the wasteland. I am 16 as of july 19th and I've been making this bad boy since December 27th. Hes about 10 feet tall and long and 3 feet wide. Made from various upholstery, insulation, eva, and spray foams as well as steel stilts, aluminium framing, pvc puppetry, and some random bits of wood in there. I have a spy cam in it's nose that bluetooth connects to my phone, I mounted my phone to the helmet inside to create a cheap virtual reality system. Mini soundboard connected to a small speaker to transmit the correct roars on a randomized trigger button. Eyes glow with red led lights.Stilts are two and a half feet tall digitigrade stilts home made. Tail is articulated like a wooden snake toy along with every joint being articulated, jaw, head, shoulders, elbows, and fingers all puppeteer as well. Skin was made with fleece and the texture was created by spraying upholstery glue all over the top of the fleece similar to putting latex over it. Then spray painted brown and red washed to add the right fleshy feel. Link to a brief video here
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