Little Shop of Horrors Animatronic Plant

Good Morning All,

I just found this discussion board recently and thought I would share some of my past projects. My animatronic experience has been for stage and live applications. I have purchased many of the Stan Winston DVDs and it is nice have some of my experience validated by pros in the business. Also have learned a hell of a lot! After watching the 3 part "how to make a dinosaur" series, I would approach the "Little Shop" project in a MUCH different way now!

Here is a project I did in 2004 for a stage production of Little Shop. POD-1 is usually a hand puppet stuck through a hole in a table. I wanted something different that would give a little better performance. You can go to my website for a complete picture diary of POD-1, as well as the other three larger POD's.

I also re-purposed POD-1 a few years ago for a friend who needed a story telling man eating plant. I recorded, mixed and produced the sound track using Sound Forge and Acid then programmed the plant using Brookshire Software's VSA. For servo hardware interface I used a mini-ssc. Here is a video of the final product:

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David DeMattia
Sleeping Dragon Studios


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