Can I "save" classes I want to choose later somehow?

Hello, is there any way to save classes I want to watch later?  Like a favorites list?  Also, why isn't there an easy way to get to the classes I've chosen?
And one more question, after the month is up, do the classes I've chosen go away forever?


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    Hi Elizabeth,

    We should have favoriting functionality soon (keep an eye out for it!)

    As long as you keep your subscription active, all lessons will be available to you.  If you have an apprentice subscription you are limited in how many lessons you can view each month, but every month that resets so you can watch new lessons.  

    I don't believe we have a way to display which lessons a student has activated during a month at the apprentice level.  I'll see if that is something we can put in our future features list.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

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