Help! : Crysis Suit Build Guidance

I was wondering what would the best way of creating this suit would be? I was thinking some form of muscle suit but I am afraid it might create creasing. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them! :)  


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    That's a very cool (and complex) suit!

    I would use some of the techniques in Ted Haines Muscle Suit lesson:  https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/tutorials/muscle-suit-fabrication-part-1-design-pattern-fabricate

    Having some of the muscles floating so they can move over others (especially on the back and shoulders)

    And then you could add your detail elements on the outside of that.

    Some elements, like the chest, could potentially be a single piece.

    Your best bet is probably breaking down each element individually, since this is a rather complex suit.

    I would also think about making the metal parts (spine, back of elbows, knees, bottom of rib cage) out of a flexible material like rubber or coated foam.

    Good luck, and I hope you can share your progress with us here!

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    Thank you very much! and I shall put my progress up as soon as possible! :) 
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