Hello Everyone, and thanks for having me. I am fairly new to FX, but learning fast.

I could use some advice. I recently made a full head mold of me using plaster bandages. What i need to know is to I fill that with WED clay then pour ultracal 30 in to get a true custom mask mold for my own head or do I build up the outside of the plaster bandage cast with clay about an inch to allow for shrinkage with latex, and build a two part mold from there? Please help, as I am stuck, and really want to move forward with this. I have many mask Ideas, one of which I want to build is Oderus Urungus of Gwar for halloween, but many other originals. I am just stuck on what to do with the plaster bandage head cast, which turned out great. Awaiting the guidance, and experience of you guys, so thanks in advance. Brian M.


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    What you do can depend on the type of projects you want to work on.

    If you want a full head cast in plaster, you can push clay into your plaster bandage cast and then sculpt/add/remove to create a nice clay head form.  From there you can make a two part mold of the clay head form and pour up a plaster version that would work for sculpting on.

    Depending on what your plaster bandage mold looks like (undercuts and such) you can brush in vaseline and pour plaster directly into the bandage mold.  Just make sure it does not have undercuts that could lock up.  Though if you don't mind losing the plaster bandage mold you can just break that away if there are undercuts.

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