Puppet Networking

My name is Austin Thompson.  I have a little puppet making company multimedia team of folks that work all over the USA, www.crosstitchproductions.com.  I thought it might be good to connect with fellow puppeteers, puppet fabricators etc.  This may be a good way to work on projects together.  Feel free to drop info about your site and what you create.


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    The Holiday Bug 2012
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    Hi Austin!
    My name is Kirsty and I'm a self taught puppet maker in Perth, Western Australia. Saw you last night in the webinar and thought i'd come check out the forums.
    Your puppets are pretty cool :) They are so BIG!!
    I have  recently started a facebook page - "Cursed Creations", as I have started doing commissions of what I call Pop cultcha Puppets.
    Starting to get a gallery together of more and more of the puppets I make :)
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    Love the Ninja Turtle puppets...do you have those for sale?
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    I have shared your pic of the Ninja Turtle puppets on Facebook...they love him.
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    Not that I am without any experience, its been 15 years since making a full-size elephant walk around.

    At this time putting all on hold except for music and conedy to do a full size ride on top raptor for future troupe.

    The only puppets I use at this time are these which I bought , and lets me use public as the puppet.

    But going threw video's and setting up area to start production, just finding new techniques in the process.
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