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I meant this as a question in another post.  I'm trying to find ways to do makeup appliances on a budget,  without going the gelatin route.  Gelatin melts in hot lights.  In the book Stage Makeup by Richard Corson and James Glavan it mentions cod casting with flexible polyfoam and latex,  but is this really safe for skin?  I don't have a separate oven for foam latex.  

The other question is about hand puppets.  On the Jim Henson Challenge.  They made hand puppets with foam,  does anyone remember if it was flexible polyfoam or foam latex?  They don't mention an oven.  Distortions Unlimited seems to use polyfoam for animatronics as well.  Can I do this like an average animatronic,  or are there other things to consider?  
Thank you for any help!

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