Bolonntra- female creature skull

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Hello dear community :-)

I wanted to share my earliest project with you. 

A few weeks ago, i thougt about a design for a new creature and which skin and eyes it should have and so on. 

My final idea: "create that, what is unter the visible skin of a creature- the skull". 

This project will have two designs of skulls as collectibles. 

Here is number one: 

WED Clay blocking out...

...with a few details...

... and with more details, ready for molding in Moldmax 30 silicone. 

And thats the finished skull.

Bonelike paints as base with a tint of yellow, certain washes in yellowish, brown, ocker, green-black, green-brown and yellow-green-white for the moss covered look, off- white bonish for the highlights and brown black for the shadows via airbrush.

The plan was, to let it look like that it has been laying in a forest (or something like that) for a few months. 

I hope you like it.
I am very proud this time. I would like to create the teeth in dental- acrylic for more realism, but i have no idea, what and where to buy,...

Off topic:
Germany is complicated. If you want to buy dental acrylic, you get a big list about 200 products:
1. thermoplastic rft 34...
2. thermoplastic gze 467...
3. thermoplastic sdt 97...
4. .... and so on and so on

I have no idea, what these numbers and labels are and which two (2) parts i will need for a few dentallike teeth  :D:D

Greets from complicated- land



  • I really like the design of the teeth and the tooth like protrusion on the nose.  Very cool and original character!

  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
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    Thank you Chris [=

    Edit: The Protrusion on the nose is a cutting tooth, which clamps and cuts the meat between the lower eyeteeth. It has no separated nose, but rather a sense organ like the temperature holes like a snake xD
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