Making of stylized masks for a short horrorfilm

Hi there,

I just wanted to share some pictures showing me making a series of traditional masks made for a short American horrorfilm. Because the film is still in production, I don’t know how (or even if) they are going to be used… So, I was a bit hesitant to post… But I really like the final design and I wanted to talk a bit about the process

I got contacted via my Etsy webshop and started working quite quickly…I started by putting my own spin on an existing sketch of the production designer.

The style of the design was something completely different to what I usually do, so I liked the challenge of combining my traditional style and methods with a more modern approach...

However, the director/producer really liked my own theatrical style so I ended up starting over completely… At first trying to look for the basic shape... The director suggested doing something without a nose...

this design looked a bit alien... so we decided to try out a nose. The director also wanted to go for a big open mouth and eyes.

refining the design and pushing the mouth even bigger. I ended up with the final shape...

and then mould making... (i cut of the horns to make that proces a bit easier)

because of time, i duplicated the mould 2 times and started filling them with my own recipe of papier-maché. Yes, i know, it sounds a bit stupid but the way i use paper in combination with hardeners and coatings makes very strong, smooth and very lightweight masks, that have a unique look... 

but to get that look, it takes a lot of sanding...and finally, painting and finishing ;-) 

I hope you like the results. Comments are welcome ;-)


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    they look funny for a horror movie :smile:
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    edited June 2017

    That's the fun part about masks... They always get an emotional response that is different for everyone. :)

    In itself, a mask is just a strange, funny thing… It’s when someone is wearing a mask that you get an interesting duality. Is it just a disguise, hiding the person behind the mask? Or is it a reflection of some inner desire, wish fulfilment or emotion hidden away during everyday life?  In any case, the person hiding behind the mask is never who you think it is, and that's what makes it fun and/or creepy ;)
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