New Dark Stop-Mo Short!

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I'd like to share my first stop motion short film, completed after finishing all the Chiodo Brothers videos here at SWSCA. Production time was precisely one month from initial set construction to finished piece (evenings and weekends).

The film, dozens of behind-the-scenes photos, and 2700 words' worth of production notes can all be found at SterileFlower.com. (direct Vimeo link)

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    Freddy StynenFreddy Stynen ✭✭
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    Little sadistic movie hahaha.
    But really well done.

    Kind Regards


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    Awesome!  Reminds me a bit of the mood in Phil Tippett's MAD GOD series.

    Nice work on the music and sound design as well.  Loved the behind the scenes content.

    I added the Vimeo embed to your post (our forums can turn vimeo or youtube URLs that are plain text into embedded players)  You are welcome to remove it if you prefer folks to watch it on your site.  

    Great project, really makes me want to do some stop motion stuff!


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    Thanks for the comments and the Vimeo embed, Chris! Much appreciated.

    Indeed, it was actually touring Phil's Mad God part 3 (no spoilers here!) sets at his workshop, and watching parts 1-2, that made me finally reconcile my decades'-long love affair with Svanmejer, the Quays, and others and take the plunge. The content here at SWSCA really helped congeal lots of thoughts I had into this work.

    Appreciate the support!
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    Glad our lessons have been a help!

    Looking forward to MG3.  I backed all 3, need to post some shots of the figures I got from it eventually.

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    Someone should call the police! ;)

    Excellent work sir, a great start.
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