Needle felting foam puppets and Waldorf inspired puppets

Hello everyone,

I am seeking pointers, advice, and/or information on how to combine needle felting techniques with foam puppetry techniques. Here is a style of needle felting that is naturalistic, which is what I am aiming at. Can I wrap felt around a basic foam puppet structure and get the same result? 

Also, any info on how to make Waldorf inspired dolls into hand/rod puppets?



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    Wow! She's got great looking sculptures!

    As far as the puppet is concerned, I don't see why one can't combine the two forms. The foam would have to be rigid enough to support the underlying shape with the additional weight of the felt material all while making certain mechanical movement is clear of obstructions.
    I'm not certain how realistic you want the puppet, but organic folding areas like the mouth and eyelids may require creative "material-likeness" substitution that has acceptable levels of elasticity and "memory" (depending on your design).

    If you Google "how make rod puppet", you're going to get a plethora of creative returns requiring varying degrees of mechanical technical skills for success.

    Also, here:

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