copic ink, Skin Illustrator, rubber cement, pax or store bought colors for painting latex ?

Hello lovely community,

I have a big question mark and i really hope to get some answers. I am currently in the process of painting my latex mask (monster makers latex) and i am now really unsure with the painting! You guys are all using different kinds of things and i want to make sure it will stick to the mask so here are my questions:

Copic ink and Skin illustrator - could i use this mix with 99% alcohol on my latex mask? Will it it hold and how can i make it weatherproof? How about the fine details like dark eyebrows and stuff like that? Since Tim Gore said the rubber cement mix would not be the best choice health wise i will probably skip this one. Unfortunately i don't have the money to buy Pax paint or the store bought ones. Is there any other way you guys can think of i could paint my latex mask permanently? And how can i seal it? I appreciate all answers i can get!


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    Hey Inga,

    you could try the Tim Gore- mixture with simple clear silicone from the hardwarestore, mixed "mega well" with (up to) maybe 500% naphta.

    I use that mixture, coloured with simple cheap oilpaints, to paint everything what cant be painted with acrylics.
    You should add the oilpaints in very small amounts to your silicone- naptha base, without trying to make the color opaque.
    I have done many and really hard stresstests without a chance to rub that off. On platinumsilicone also on latex. 

    Here is the Tim Gore lesson, where he mix his paints:



    Edit: Maybe you cant buy naptha like me in germany. I use "Waschbenzin" - (washing- petroleum) which should be the same like  "white-spirit" or lighterfluid. (i think)

  • Hi Inga,

    Here are a couple lessons that cover painting latex masks:

    Timothy Martin:

    Tim Gore and Casey Love:

    Acrylic paints work fine on latex, especially if you use an adhesion promoter first.  The key is not to build up too much thickness to avoid cracking.  Createx has a lots of great acrylic airbrush paints, including Tim Gore's own lines.

    To seal, Liquitex makes some good clear varnishes in different shine levels that work great.  I use them all time time on my projects.

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