Base For Painting Platinum Silicone

I watched Tim Gore's Skin Tut as well as Jamie Grover's Realistic skin tone painting Tut.  One uses 641 Silicone Caulking as a base to add pigment and naptha to to put through an airbrush. The other uses naptha and 100% Silicone 1 GE brand sealant.

The question I have is:  Can either or both of these silicone bases for pigment application be used on Eco Flex 30 Platinum silicone? Or am I better off using a system like FuseFX or Psycho?  I just thought it was awesome that neither of the instructors had to mix parts A with parts B...they just added the naptha and their pigment and could get right to painting.

If I am better off with fuseFX or psycho, which one is better for airbrushing?


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    Hey Rehbecca,

    i have tested 1 part silicone from the hardwarestore, thinned with 4-5 parts of "waschbenzin" which should be almost the same like white spirit or naptha.(mixed with a fork, very very good and by adding small amounts of white spirit from time to time) Thats my base for painting everything which cannot be painted with acrylics xD. For pigmenting small amounts of my base, i use simple oilpaints which you can buy everywhere. I did a lot of "stresstests" on platinumsilicone like Smooth on ecoflex 00-10/00-50. I had no chance to rub it off. Take your try with that. I think you´ll be surprised how good that works ;-) It also works on latex. 



    Edit: You have to let it dry for 24 hours to be sure, that all solvents are vaporated and the oilpigments are locked in the surface. You shouldnt use an airbrush- jet which is smaller than 0,25 maybe to 0,2 mm. I have an Haarder- Steenbeck Airbrush with a 0,15mm jet,.. Thats horrible to paint with because you have to clean it every few minutes, hihi. 
  • Thank you so much for your reply!!  I will do some testing :)  I am just concerned that with me just starting out painting silicone, that I may not get parts a and b just perfect and the piece I am painting I paid 700 bucks for lol. I am going to pour some test piece in platinum and test each technique. I have an iwata airbrush but I am not going to use it for the silicone. I think I am going to order the paasche H single action and try a larger needle and tip. I will be painting a piece to have african american skin tones, so I think its important for me to use an airbrush to blend the different colors I will be using.
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