Just want 2 learn how 2 animate

Freddy StynenFreddy Stynen ✭✭
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Well i'm Brand new here and i don't know what the do, but I (Try 2) Animate.

So i will try 2 make some puppets , its a StopmoNick tutorial i see on you tube.
We all have 2 start somewhere and now i'm a member of the Stan winston school, well hope 2 learn something here.
But i don't see much stop motion stuff, i need more input !!!
My almost naked puppets are made from aluminumwire, pine-wood, uinderwrap, epoxy, foam, underwrap
and latex.
My very first latex experience, dip and dry, dip and dry.................pffffffff, next time better, but the hands are oké?!

Some photo's of the armatures / puppets ;

Bah bad , oké lets make a mummy :-)

I love the stop motion world, but I'm still a giant NOOB in this world.
I'm a new member here, so i need some input :):):) 

We must learn 2 walk before we can run !

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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Welcome Freddy :-)

    Nice work :-) Especially the Mummy, really cool ;-)

    I can imagine, that its difficult to make those things. Ive never try that and i wont try that in future, because it wouldnt be mine without sculpting and i would drive crazy xD
    (Ive done a 2,4 m Alienworm out of foam for a Scifi film. Turned out very nice, but i hadnt much fun while working on it. Maybe because it was a no budget,- and no time project :-( )

    My respect to those people, who can do crazy stuff out of foam. 

    There should be a lot of lessons here at SWSCA, which could interest you.

    Cant wait to see your next steps and progress ;-)


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    thanks Kai, my progress will be in slow motion.
    Formerly as a teenager was my biggest hobby model construction, mainly star wars plastic model construction of AIRFIX and then rc model cars until the mid 80 's.
    I was a real star wars freak those days hahaha.
    Now I have my sights set on animation, stop motion.
    It all costs money and I have no camera for stop motion, so I use a good webcam.

    We must learn 2 walk before we can run!

    Drawing is not really my thing and working with clay so either.
    That is why I do this way, the StopmoNick method.
    Working with latex rubber is also totally new for me, but that's probably better after time.
    Hahaha and I have yet to learn sewing, puppets also need clothing.
    If you can, I am open for tips, how do I make latex rubber shoes or boots for my puppets?!


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