็New to community. Nice to meet You I'm Fonny Rain.

Hi everyone in Stan Winston community. I'm very new here. Just got my monthly access. Tell you what, I'm super exciting right now. Need to introduce my self a little. My name is Fonny. Someone call me Rain. You can call me either Fonny or Rain or even Fonny Rain or just Fon Fon. I'm 24 years old 25 soon. Living in Thailand. Really new to Special Effect Makeup area. Here is some of my start work. I am trying many new material right now. Hope to be friend with everyone here. Also, I'm really veryy supper upset/into Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp. It is really a pleasure to be part of this phenomenon academy.  


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    Hi Fonny,

    Welcome to the community, and thanks for sharing some of your work!.

    Great work on the Doctor Strange appliances!

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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Welcome Fonny [=
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