having MAJOR issues trying to patch seams on silicone mask! any tips?

hey guys! i dont know where im going wrong! heres my current method, if you guys have any tips or know where im going wrong that would really help!

i am making the masks with smooth on eco flex 00-30

my current process is

- trim down the excess seams using the wire wheel tool on a dremel. ( the seams are tight so all im left with is a little line )
- clean down silicone mask with 99% isopropyl alcohol
- wait half an hour and use a hair dryer to evaporate any remaining alcohol
- mix eco flex 0030 part A and B ( same silicone used on the mask) and add cabosil to thicken 
- paste on this mix to the mold seam line area with a paddle pop stick
- use novox on a flat brush to smooth out and blend the silicone patch over the seam lines

using this method the silicone does not bond properly to the mask and the novox creates crazing on the patch area? where am i going wrong lol


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    Have you tried the same method without using cabosil?  Like Smooth-On's Thi-Vex?

    I'm wondering if that additional component is causing the bonding and crazing issues.  Does the crazing happen only on the patch or on the surrounding area as well?

    I've also heard of folks brushing on a solvent like NOVOCS to prep the surface and allowing it to dry before adding the patching material to help with bonding.  I don't have personal experience with that method though.

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    i did a few tests last night and they all worked!!! i switched over the ecoflex 0030 for psycho paint with cabosil and all 4 tests are stuck on!
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    Awesome, glad you got things working!  Feel free to share you projects here with us.  Would love to see what you are working on!

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