Snow leopard project

So for my final year in uni I made a snow leopard!

It would have been so difficult to make if it weren't for Deborah Galvez and her fur tutorial, so big thank you! I've never worked with any kind of faux fur or fur before so this was a first time try! I used both fur transfer, hair punching and a bit of flocking.

The leopard is sculpted, moulded and then casted in silicone and filled with soft foam for a lighter weight. The fur is all faux fur, hair punched and fur transfered for the most part, then I've airbrushed and done some smaller spots with markers. Whiskers are basically feathers, which is also what I got from the tutorial, I also used some bristles from thick brushes. Claws and teeth are cast in resin. As it's quite soft you can open the jaw and pose the feet around a bit.

I'm very happy with the result! =)


  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭

    I like such small Details, which breathe a "crafted" animal or creature life in. So the nose is very convincing and translucent, also the eyes are, too. 

    Not to speak about the anatomy and furwork,.. I love that leopard :-)

    Very great :-)

    Did you took pictures from the sculpture?
    I would like to see them :-)


  • Thank you very much! :D

    I got pictures of the whole process! I was thinking of adding it here and then of course the final ones where I've added snow and finished off the cave. ^^
  • So for those interested! I'm adding a rought step process of how it's made!
    First up I made an armature.

    Next step was of course the sculpting process. Bulking up and adding the basic structure.

    And then shaping and finishing the muscles on top. I found it gave a hilarious expression just by adding dots in the eyes haha.

    Then of course I moulded it! Silicone with a fiberglass casing!

    Then I casted it in a translucent silicone where I added a bit of a light skintone to it.

  • Wow, beautiful work on this!  Looks like the real thing.

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