Alien Warrior Dav´ughk

Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
Hello there :-)

I want to share a currently project with you.

At the beginnings, the sculpture should only be a head-bust for my own. I was asked if i could make a wearable mask for a scifi film out of it and i said, that this would not be a problem.

Haha! Sure,.. "Nooooo Problem...."- No livecast under the sculpt,... a wiggly armature,... and no idea, how to measure out the proportions of the chest, so that the finished mask will fit on someones shoulders,... and not to forget: the deadline xD

Dafuq- was my favorite swearword for the next 2 months and so he got his name with an interstellar accent: Dav´ughk.

Here is the head- bust (which should only be exactly that :-) ) :

And here with the chest area after the question about making a mask out of it:

At this point, i cutted a "display dummy" in half and pressed its shoulders into the sculpt to adjust the shoulders of the sculpt.
Damn, that was a really shitty work. I was afraid, that the armature will break, because the weight of the sculpture was growing and growing and growing,..
And i had to do the Mold- more weight,.. *fu** :o

At one point, i went away from the sculpt to get a mentaly distance to it... I had to decide: "Doing a stonemold for casting latex in it with the danger to destroy that build, or doing a fiberglass mold without an idea how to guarantee, that the heavy, sloppy silicone mask will not fell into itself while wearing it"

After a few days, with enough mentaly distance, i did a stonemold,.. :D  A thinner one as compromise to the heavy weight on the armature.
And that worked! Man i was really happy,.. no destroyed sculpt, no broken armature,.. a stonemold which guarantees to cast a slightly stiff latex mask: "Yeah" B)

After patching the seems, i painted the mask with silicone paints:

Thats the finished mask. Slip casted latex with a thin layer of slush casted Smoothcast 65d  on the inside for more stiffness and support for attaching mechanisms.
I have implemented an open- close mechanism for the mouth and i have to stick foamsheets into it for a better fit in the next few days.

Thanks to the great SWSCA community with its lots of impressions for troubleshooting and very helpful classes :-)




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