is there any learning facilities anywhere in America?

Hello everyone my name is Arm. I'm from Thailand and i have a plan to study in America 
is there any learning facilities anywhere in America? like studio or just only in website
and if there is a place to study how do i register? 
(sorry for bad english)

Thank you so much


  • Hi Arm,

    What type of things are you looking to learn?  There are a number of makeup schools that have special effects makeup curriculums.

  • Thank you for reply me Chris!

    I want to learn to sculpt,painting like making monster suit, making statue of queen alien and maybe everything that Stan winston made like Terminator. .i want to study like that every process as much as i can and i don't know what it called.
  • There are some in person schools that will teach you individual skill sets, like sculpting, engineering, or mechanical design, but I don't know of any physical schools that cover everything.  Most are specialized.

    Makeup schools like Cinema Makeup School, or Make-up Designory are wonderful and have special effects makeup as part of their curriculum, but their focus is specifically on makeup.

    One option would be to use the wide ranging curriculum of an online school like ours to discover what areas you are passionate about or explore a broader skill set, and supplement that with attending a physical school that focuses on a subject you wish to dive deeper into.

  • I wanted to comment on this subject, I did not know anything about effects makeup, mold-making  and I learned all this from the on demand videos, I would not waste any money going to any school here in the US. I live here and will tell you just learn all you can from Stan Winston School that is what I did. 
  • Hi Chayuth, i want to tell you that i learn everything i know by looking for it, not in school, not online, not whatching videos, i live in Chihuahua, México and here is too dificult to get the most of the materials you need for SFX, Stan Winston School looks great and it may make me save time in my learnings, i cant pay for it, but if you can, do it, dont wait, dont loose time and good luck. 
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