realistic permanent blood colours for silicone paint, any recommendations?

hey guys! ive been experimenting heaps and i cant seem to make a permanent realistic blood with silicone paint! has anyone had any luck?


  • Hi Andrew,

    The key to permanent bloods is the right density of pigment, and the right shade of color.  Beyond that you also want to get the right amount of shine for wet bloods or matte finish on dried bloods.

    I'm a fan of darker bloods, so one thing I like to do is add a bit of green pigment.  This deepens the red without shifting it towards purple.

    What types of problems are you having with your current mixtures?

  • thanks for the reply chris! ive had really good success with creating permanent blood for props using copic inks (strong red, smokey blue, acid yellow, cardinal and single pac acrylic paint but when it comes to silicone the copic ink seems to have an effect on the silicone leaving it tacky 

    i have tried a fair few combinations of psycho paint and silc-pig and also oil paints and silicone caulking but im not getting in the realm of looking like real blood, i guess thats because the pigments are very flat. copics are by far the most realistic blood mix i have come across but i cant seem to get it to work with silicone! do you know of any inks that play nice with silicone?
  • Oil paints work great for pigmenting silicone, but you need to find an oil paint with dense pigment, and add a fair bit of it to the silicone.

    One thing that works really well is silicone pigments like Smooth-On's "Silc Pig"

    The key there is a dense pigment that does not inhibit the curing of the silicone.

  • Hi,  I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting my silicone to cure using oil paints  in both the Smooth-On  Psycho Paint as well as the  Dragon Skin. I noticed your comment about the quantity of pigment and how that may inhibit the curing of the silicone. I'm suspecting that is the case. In your experience, does the silicone eventually cure or do I need to remove it entirely?
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    What type of silicone are you using with the oil paints?

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  • Smooth-On now has a product called "Ultimate Blood" that may also be a good option for this.

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