Question about fur for my Tauntaun build

Hi!  Some friends and I are building a full size Tauntaun (hopefully with animatronics) and I had a question about the fur.

I plan to use the fur transfer method, but the skin layer will be 4 way stretch fabric over pink insulation foam, instead of foam latex. If I use barge adhesive will that stick to the pros-aide adhesive I use to make the skin on the back of the fur?


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    Barge will stick to the fur just fine.  Though the solvent in the barge may eat into the foam you are using (depending on the foam formula)

    I would do a small test just to make sure.

    And remember that Barge is a contact adhesive, so you want to apply it in an even layer on both pieces, allow them to dry to the point that they lose their shine, then press them together.

    Hope you can share the Tauntaun with us here, both when it's done and as you are working on it.  Sounds like a fun project!


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    Thank you so much Chris!  I will definitely do a test before making an attempt.  I will also share the build progress as we go.  We are pretty excited for this project it is the first large scale prop for all of us and I'm looking forward to using what I've learned here.
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