Can you buy creature eyes?


I'm working on a practical effect involving an eyeball - it's a freak that has an eyeball peering out of its abdomen. I just started watching John Cherevka's tutorial on How to Make Eyes. But I'm wondering if I could buy eyes somewhere? There are a lot of effects I need to create for this project so I need to use my time strategically. Can anybody tell me if there's a place where I could buy eye forms that I could install in an effect? I guess this one should look pretty much like a regular human eyeball. It's got to look totally lifelike and realistic - by which I mean it's in an extreme close up and needs to look like a living thing, not an effect - it is something fantastic and not-of-this-world though. 

Any thoughts? 

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    Let me elaborate:

    we we want the character to peel open a flap in their abdomen and reveal the eyeball, which is facing inside the body, but then swivels around to peer out once it is revealed. So I can't have a rod sticking out of the back of the eye, because we will see the back of the eye. I am thinking I could use an eye with a rod coming out of its side. Say the rod is sticking out of the left side of the eyeball, and the eyeball is facing inside the body, and then a puppeteer's hand inside of the hollow abdomen twists the eyeball around its right side, 180 degrees using the rod, so that the eye is then facing out of the abdomen. That's what I'd like to build to test. I'm thinking I'll sculpt an abdomen and then mold and cast it in silicone and also make a fiberglass core for it to sit on. I'll fit the eyeball in the cavity of the flap that the eyeball sits in. 

    I'd like to avoid making an eyeball for this test. Is there a place where I could buy an eyeball with a rod mounted on its side instead of in back? I found this link that chris ellerby posted on another thread. Can anybody refer any other suppliers? Thank you for any suggestions! 
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    You can buy eye sets from Fourth Seal Studios on the Motion Picture F/X site:

    Those should work just fine for you!

    I hope you can share your project here when you are a little further along, it sounds very cool.

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