how do I get into the biz?

Sorry, I posted this as a discussion as well, but I was wondering how I work my way into the special FX biz. I have a background in live theatre and a degree in costume design. I recently started taking the webinars and tutorials here at SWSCA and love them. Once I have built up a portfolio how do I go about turning this hobby into a career?  I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia where the film industry is growing but there are no FX studios here. Do I have to move to California to work in the biz?


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    well the FX biz is huge in Cali but it also kind of depends on what you want to do. Do you want to make monsters for movies, make Marquettes, or just make special effects to sell. You could always start working at a local haunted house to get a start in the special effects makeup end of it.  I've known a lot of people to start this way. Or even open your own studio and offer effects to local movie companies.  Again all depends on what you want to end up doing. 
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