Immortan Joe

Our Immortan Joe Crossplay collaborative from Mad Max: Fury Road. 

It took us three months, excluding a monumental amount of research and resourcing the "salvaged" pieces. 

The mask was sculpted in monster clay, moulded in silicone and polyurethane mould and cast in Polyurethen resin, painted in enamel and weathered. Soviet era gas mask hoses and various findings were used to detail. The breather was latex covered canvas with servos for movement. The body armour was clear worbla and the belts and boot covers were a mixture of craft foam and faux leather weathered with paints and texturing. The cod piece had cast castle nuts wired to a foam base

The model created the body modifying under suit and the fabric pieces, which i weathered with airbrushing on top of organic dyes. 

Model and fabric artist- Natalie Jaworski
MUA- Roslyn Quin
Photographers- Artist and Steamkittens photography

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