Borg Queen

Hi all,

The process of creating the Borg Queen took me almost 400lbs of WED clay and 300 hours of labor.  I relied HEAVILY on SWSCA training to learn about most of the steps in the process.  Everything from life casting, making a body dummy on the cheap to Bruce Fuller's hag videos were instrumental to making this beast of a project come to life.
This was my first attempt at a full body creature suit and prosthetic makeup.  

The sculpt was done using as many reference pics as I could find online of the Borg Queen.  The prosthetics are made up of seven overlapping pieces. The face was all cast in encapsulated silicone and the cowl piece was run in foam latex. 

The entire body suit is made of foam latex and painted using rubber cement paints.  Baking the suit was a beast!  I had to construct an oven from full sheets of plywood and foam insulation just to cook it.  Fun stuff, and smells so good!!!

The gloves and shoe covers were sculpted separately from the suit and run in foam latex as well.

Application of the suit and prosthetics took about 5 hours the first time I applied it.  Now, after having applied it three times, I can get it all done in about 3 1/2 hours, and my wife is much happier with that time frame.



  • This is amazing!
    Do you do any of this on commission at all, sir?
    If so, would you be up for creating a regular Borg drone?
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