World of Warcraft Human Warrior

edited April 2017 in Cosplay Contest
From the well known game World of Warcraft I created the Warrior Tier set 10 which can be gathered in Ice Crown Citadel! It's patterns are designed by myself and handmade with thermoplastics, faux leather and faux fur, EVA foam and contains LED lights in the pauldrons and weapon. The shoulders are detachable for comfy moments! (Attached with velcro) And the orc head is made out of styrofoam, latex, thermoplastics and a wig! :)  I like small details to make the overall look complete, so this warrior looks all battle-worn with bloodspatters, cuts and imperfections!

You can check out more on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KalseruCosplay ! The pictures are made by my boyfriend and myself, the GIF is made by the talented Appel works!

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