Mega Rayquaza gijinka - Pokemon

**entry number 2**

Mega Rayquaza was my first costume to design myself, this was a part of a group that did a skit based off Japanese lore so I wanted something to honor that a little more, yet still remain a bit more free-spirited like the Pokemon I was portraying.

The scale makeup was done with eyeshadow, the gold ring on the forehead and around the eyes and lips was a mix of acrylic paint and body paint.  The hair fins and gem in the front were sculpted and then cast Clear Cast.  The hair strands and ribbon were all to symbolize the various ribbon elements Mega Rayquaza has on its form.

I did a short kimono with a train for the cosplay itself.  The obi "bow" was created to appear as a pair of the many fins the Mega version of this Pokemon has.  The design on the train is the design on the creature's forehead.  The kimono sleeves are full sleeves and can be used as pockets, due to their depth, smaller pockets were sewn closer to the arms for ease of access.

The gems on the obi, legging and parasol were sculpted and cast with Clear Cast as well.  All cast pieces had to be tinted to their appropriate color.  Research went in to make sure the kimono was secured properly as crossing the layers the other direction is meant for the deceased.

The parasol was painted by hand, once I had the design created and transferred to the cloth parasol, it was 8 hours of hand painting.  The top of the parasol is a 'Mega Stone', with Rayquaza's original form pursuing it.  The leggings were made by myself, made of spandex and dance mesh.  The geta were painted to match the rest of the cosplay.
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